Ecommerce & platform company is able to deliver a better customer experience by adding digital channels – chat and email for customer support


Business Challenge:

Client was operating with 98% voice contact center with onshore resources, with high hold times (ASA) and abandonment rates.

How we helped?

  • Shared worked with the client to analyze call types and identify queues that could be handled easily through other digital channels such as chat and email
  • We plugged in a chat solution and updated IVR to deflect calls to chat. Our agents were able to address client queries sooner and handle multiple chats concurrently using AI
  • Additionally, we worked with the client to setup an email support channel for more time consuming, complex queries
  • As a result, we successfully reduced voice call volumes and were able to deliver a much better experience to the customers

Business Outcomes:

  • 40% of the traffic was deflected to chat (including Bots) and email as alternate channels to voice
  • 23% improvement in CSAT
  • Moved certain call queues to offshore
  • Reduced hold times and abandonment rates
  • 56% savings in cost to serve