At Shared, we hire exceptional people, as we firmly believe that it is our people who are the key differentiators and currency. We ensure our employees love what they do - and that's what makes our clients happy. We also invest heavily in our employees by ensuring they continue to up level their skills and spend time understanding our client’s business. Additionally, we ensure we rotate our employees onto more challenging or different projects, after a period so that they feel challenged and get to build on new experiences.

We immerse our employees in how our customers work and help them onboard the projects they were hired for or will get assigned to. Our induction training for every employee is an investment we know works well for our customers as well our employees.


Our Endeavor

  • Fun & healthy environment to work

  • Understand compensation & benefits matter and try to stay ahead of the industry.

  • Offer opportunities to work for the best companies in the world

  • Wide variety of cutting-edge projects to choose from

  • Flexibility & Fun

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