Large multinational Manufacturing client improves middle management productivity and employee experience, by offering Exec Admins to Director level management roles


Business Challenge:

  • Directors within the company had a team span of up-to 10 team members, but the Directors had no dedicated admin coverage.
  • Productivity for the Directors was impacted, as they were caught in transactional activities.

How we helped?

  • Client reached out to Shared to offer remote Exec Admin services and we started a pilot with a small subset of Directors within the company.
  • Admin coverage to these Directors greatly helped the Directors that had the prerogative of an executive admin.
  • The Shared Admins took on transaction work such as managing calendars, helping with approvals, team follow ups, T&E support and team event planning.

Business Outcomes:

  • The pilot was immensely successful and Directors with Admin support improved their productivity by 25%.
  • Client extended the pilot and offered admin support to a wider number of Directors who wanted to leverage this prerogative.
  • By leveraging our lower cost remote admins, client was able to improve their middle management productivity and also improve team experience